Chat Noir

Chat Noir 1

Chat Noir

  1. I’ll See You In My Dream
  2. Swing Gitan
  3. Jazz Suite
  4. Lulu Swing
  5. For Sephora
  6. I Wish
  7. It Had To Be You
  8. After You’ve Gone

Chat noir

Chat Noir is an acoustic quartet formed by four young talents of the Berlin music scene.
The originality of the band not only depends on the choice of instruments (soprano saxophone, acoustic guitar, bass and vibraphone), but also from his versatile repertoire that evokes the style of the legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt: swinging songs of the ’20s and’ 30s, popular gipsy-bossa, zingane songs and traditional songs from the Italian and French tradition are rearranged in the swing style.
Through its original arrangements, fiery improvisations and much virtuosity Chat Noir always manages to delight and amaze the audience on any occasion!

CHRISTIAN FISCHER: Double Bass | Facebook

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Chat Noir – Gipsy-Jazz Band

Chat Noir 1
I’ll See You In My Dream // Chat Noir
  1. I’ll See You In My Dream // Chat Noir
  2. Swing Gitan // Chat Noir
  3. Jazz Suite // Chat Noir
  4. Lulu Swing // Chat Noir
  5. For Sephora // Chat Noir
  6. I Wish // Chat Noir
  7. It Had To Be You // Chat Noir