Come to see us!
Date : 25 / Apr / 2017
Time : 21.30
Address : Via Roma, 6-8, 36014 Santorso VI

D.O.V.E. (Drum, Organ, Vibes Ensemble)

Corte Sconta

Giovanni Perin: Vibes

Giulio Campagnolo: Hammond

Andrea Davì: Drums

The purpose of D.O.V.E. (Drum, Organ, Vibes Ensemble) is to bring the public closer to the African-American culture of the ’50s and’ 60s, a prolific historical period that has left its mark on the musical styles to come.

Thanks to the sophisticated combination of two unique instruments, vibraphone and Hammond organ, so far not yet used simultaneously in the landscape of American black music, the trio will range from the powerfull and funky sound of Horace Silver to the finest hardbop of Duke Jordan and Jimmy Heath, repainting in a modern and innovative way some of the greatest masterpieces of the American songbook along with some original composition of the ensemble.

Brecker’s Tune // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  1. Brecker’s Tune // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  2. Lost In A Violet Sky // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  3. Conversation With Dave // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  4. Rebuilt // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  5. Star Eyes // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  6. Darn That Dream // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  7. A Sunny Day In Berlin Town // #pera - Giovanni Perin