Come to see us!
Date : 10 / Set / 2018
Time : 1-3 pm
Address : Laval University Quebec City

Vibes/Marimba Masterclass

Laval University

Technical Basics:

Four Mallets Techniques

The Burton Grip


Pedaling, Dampening

Sticking Concepts: single and double strokes


Start practicing

How to practice scale and arpeggios

Studying tunes:

Form and Phrases


Dynamics and Nuances

Particular Techniques



Dead Stroke

Introduction to improvisation (basic concepts):

Introduction to jazz harmony

-Improvising with one scale over a rhythmic ostinato-pattern

-Improvising over a tune: the changes

-Free impro

Brecker’s Tune // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  1. Brecker’s Tune // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  2. Lost In A Violet Sky // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  3. Conversation With Dave // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  4. Rebuilt // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  5. Star Eyes // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  6. Darn That Dream // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  7. A Sunny Day In Berlin Town // #pera - Giovanni Perin