“AFORISMI – 11 etudes for solo vibraphone”

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The Greek word “aphorism” means a maxim, saying or statement, that in short and pithy words captures thoughts, observations and experiences.
The idea behind this collection is therefore to write a series of short etudes that musically and interestingly deal with some of the “Achilles’ heels” of vibraphone technique:
the interdependence of the right and left hand, pedaling technique applied to phrasing, octaves, sixths, and basic vibraphone techniques, such as dampening and dead strokes.

Preface by D. Friedman:

Although the vibraphone certainly has achieved more recognition then it had when I started out, there is still much work to do. I think the key to the instrument earning it’s rightful place among other more “established” instruments lies in the realm of musical expression. The invention of dampening and nuanced pedaling techniques has certainly helped to move the vibraphone into that “grey” area, somewhere between tempered and non-tempered instruments.
Giovanni Perin has mastered these techniques and has created a series of etudes which translate them into pure music.
Each of his compositions in this new publication highlights certain technical challenges and will, in my opinion, help serious students of the vibraphone to reach a heightened level of expression and musicality. The ultimate result will hopefully be new players with the ability to create more exposure and opportunities for themselves and their music.

David Friedman

Brecker’s Tune // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  1. Brecker’s Tune // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  2. Lost In A Violet Sky // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  3. Conversation With Dave // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  4. Rebuilt // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  5. Star Eyes // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  6. Darn That Dream // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  7. A Sunny Day In Berlin Town // #pera - Giovanni Perin