Giovanni Perin 9et

Giovanni Perin 9et

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Giovanni Perin – vibraphone & composition
Daniele Raimondi – trumpet
Nicola Fazzini – alto sax
Tommaso Troncon -tenor sax
Michele Polga – tenor sax
Federico Pierantoni – trombone
Giulio Scaramella – piano
Riccardo Di Vinci – double bass
Marco Soldà Рdrums

Giovanni Perin, this young Italian vibraphonist, winner of several international contests presents his new project as a band leader: a winning combination of his own original pieces rearranged for a very eccentric ensemble formed by five wind instruments (trumpet, trombone, alto sax and two tenor sax) plus rhythm section (vibraphone, piano, double bass and drums).
He is an eclectic artist able to draw up the frenetic jazz rhythm with a melodic research typical of the Italian culture in order to create a harmony of iridescent colours and emotions thanks also to the exceptional skills of his ensemble.

Imprecation (G. Perin)

A sunny Day In Berlin Town (G. Perin)

Una Danza Per Te (G. Perin)

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  1. Nonetto mp3 promo // Giovanni Perin 9et