Jazz Vibraphone: Journey to Artistry


Human beings are improvisors by nature. Life itself is one big improvisation: we improvise from the time we wake up until we go to sleep. This is why I believe that musical improvisation is something anyone can do. 

In this first volume, you can:

• Master four-mallet technique with detailed explanations and visuals 

• Explore basic concepts of improvisation with step-by-step exercises 

• Discover the fundamental harmonic and melodic concepts of jazz music 

• Learn various solo techniques 

• Escape the constricting notion of perfection and allow yourself to be playful 

Volume 1 also teaches you all you need to know about jazz vibraphone chords, theory and harmony. With this book, you can connect the creative ability you already possess with an understanding of theory and harmony to become the jazz player I absolutely know you can be. 

Here’s what some of the best vibes players say about it:

Brecker’s Tune // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  1. Brecker’s Tune // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  2. Lost In A Violet Sky // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  3. Conversation With Dave // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  4. Rebuilt // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  5. Star Eyes // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  6. Darn That Dream // #pera - Giovanni Perin
  7. A Sunny Day In Berlin Town // #pera - Giovanni Perin